Why are we your best choice
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media monitoring & analysis needs?
It is not just our low cost!

We use human editors to read and analyze the news as well as every media hit we capture! Our competition can't say that!

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and whatever is the next big Social Channel to come along, we monitor and analyze it. As always, our team of professional editors validate and determine sentiment on every media hit insuring your data to be relevant and "on target".

Our staff of professional editors read thousands of U.S. newspapers (major dailies to the tiny weeklies) and magazines with our clients' media intel criteria in mind. We monitor all 210 U.S. DMA's, along with key Hispanic and international programming.

We also monitor over 130,000 media outlets and the number is growing all the time. Factor in Blogs, forums, Face-book, etc. and the number grows to millions.
  1. No Committment FREE TRIAL
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  2. Up to 20 editorial staff to your Marketing/PR campaign

  3. 1000s of newspapers

  4. Broadcast monitoring of all 210 U.S. Markets for

  5. Statewide or Nationwide