About us

The company was founded in 1962 as Daily readers news clipping service. We now monitor thousands of hard copy newspapers, the English speaking press worldwide, broadcast in all U.S. DMA's along with key Hispanic and International programming and all social networks .

We have evolved over time with the changing media landscape always staying at the forefront of technology. We learned that technology is a great asset but can't replace the value of a human editor in the monitoring equation. We pride ourselves knowing we are the best in the monitoring business because we still monitor the media using the old fashioned tried and true ways; human editors.

One of our most well-known national competitors actually promote "human verification" for their "Premium Service". All the charts and graphs provided by any monitoring company is only valid if the data being entered into the equation is valid... We all know how often computer searches are OFF target.

URMediaNow doesn't offer a "dumbed down" service as its' "economy" service.

In fact, our service fee is less than that of other national competitors (we won't name names) that only offer "dumbed down" online "glorified Google" hits and call it monitoring and analysis..

We deliver your press coverage every morning to your inbox at 5am. Your press coverage and its' associated analysis is archived in your portal for the length of your subscription. Your portal helps you organize and summarize all of the media mentions your company receives to help you view and leverage that wealth of media intelligence.

Our monitoring and analysis service provides measurable ROI on your earned press and your social media marketing strategy.

Please call us or send an email to schedule a tour of our service.