Online Monitoring

We monitor over 130,000 media outlets and the number is growing all the time. Factor in Blogs, forums, Facebook, etc. and the number grows to millions. As the internet evolves, we evolve with it. Media mentions in electronic publications that are original content or reprints of print editions.

One of our most well-known national competitors actually promote "human verification" for their "Premium Service". All the charts and graphs provided by any monitoring company is only valid if the data being entered into the equation is valid... We all know how often computer searches are OFF target.

URMediaNow doesn't offer a "dumbed down" service as its' "economy" service.

In fact, our service fee is less than that of other national competitors (we won't name names) that only offer "dumbed down" online "glorified Google" hits and call it monitoring and analysis.

We deliver your press coverage every morning to your inbox at 5am. Your press coverage and its' associated analysis is archived in your portal for the length of your subscription.

As Web-only publications become more popular due to their accessibility and cost-free status, newsletters, e-zines (electronic magazines) and other sources of valuable information can't be found anywhere else. You can depend we will find the news you need. As always, our team of professional editors validate and determine sentiment on every media hit insuring your data to be relevant and "on target".